martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

Vasella "contraataca"

En carta dirigida a FT:

"Daniel Vasella, chief executive of the Swiss pharmaceutical company – a target of extremists who desecrated his Swiss family grave in July – has warned some 140 people who sent him critical e-mails that they are associating themselves with criminal activity."

His comments mark the most aggressive response yet by a senior pharmaceutical executive. Most have preferred not to engage in public debate with extremists and to retain a low profile to avoid being targeted.

Y añade:

“We strongly condemn the use of violence and terrorist tactics . . .  as a substitute for meaningful, productive dialogue. As the author of the e-mail received, you should be aware that willingly or not you are associating yourself with criminal activity, such as extortion and blackmail.”

Por primera vez un alto directivo de la industria:

"...broke with the industry’s usual silence over animal testing, saying Novartis has not worked with Huntingdon “for some time”. For security reasons it would not release the names of those with which it does work."


Ver anteriores...(te interesará)

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