jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

PFIZER: "The Highlanders" serie (III)..."Me too..."

Pfizer sales reps allegedly promoted Bextra to the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, even though it was only approved for arthritis and menstrual pain — and not the injuries or surgery that hockey players experience. (Plus the Blue Jackets are an all-male team.) The accusation came in one of the whistleblower claims wrapped into the $2.3 billion Bextra settlement.
The complaint was brought by former Pfizer sales rep Glenn DeMott, who joined the company via UpJohn in 1987. He claims that Pfizer management made efforts to get its massive sales force to comply with its agreements with the federal government to only market drugs for approved uses, but that regional and district sales managers routinely ignored these attempts.

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