viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Sanofi cae en bolsa por los malos resultados con LANTUS

June 25 (Bloomberg) --

Sanofi-Aventis SA shares fell 4.6 percent in Paris trading after UBS AG said investors are concerned about the safety of the drugmaker’s Lantus diabetes treatment.

There have been “recent market questions on the safety of insulin analogues in undisclosed studies,” Gbola Amusa, an analyst at UBS AG in London, wrote in a report today. “In our discussions with physicians, we could not confirm any safety risk but did hear a number of long-established safety concerns, in particular that Lantus use may promote cancer.”


‘Earthquake’ Event

Concern over Lantus was stoked by Ralph DeFronzo, a diabetes researcher at the University of Texas Health Science Center, on a June 11 conference call sponsored by Credit Suisse, Amusa said in a phone interview.

DeFronzo said he expected an “earthquake” event that might prompt doctors to not “feel so comfortable with glargine” insulin, according to the call’s transcript. Glargine is a chemical name for Lantus. Pressed for details, DeFronzo said, “Can’t tell you anything. So keep your ears open. It won’t take too long.”


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