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GlaxoSK y Pfizer crean juntos una nueva compañía con "focus" en HIV(cont)...Es sólo esto? o... "gato encerrado"?


La pasada semana fué la noticia

GlaxoSK y Pfizer crean juntos una nueva compañía con "focus" en HIV

Andrew Witty's message | Jeff Kindler's message

Las especulaciones las inicia Fierce Pharma adelantando dudas sobre entretelones de esta "extraña (para la industria) operación:

We thought the Pfizer-GlaxoSmithKline HIV partnership was pretty exciting at face value, but Dow Jones has a tantalizing idea: That the combo is just a preliminary step toward a full-on spinoff-slash-sale. Evidence?

En el artículo mencionado Naomi Nikolajsen y Robert Armstrong (DOW JONES NEWSWIRES), después de extenderse en el poco "racional" de esta operación:

"The joint venture will not create a scale advantage relative to the big players (Gilead/Bristol) in the space."


"All this indicates that creating the JV is not much of a strategy for long-term competitiveness in the HIV space. But it may do something else: create an entity that can be neatly sold to another player or spun off as an independent company. The combination of the two companies' assets, along with any savings realized, would fetch a price greater than the two franchises sold individually."

Un día después Jeanne Whalen and Dana Cimilluca, tambien en TWSJ, se extienden en detalles esclarecedores:

1) Una compañia, Glaxo (UK), con un portafolio en HIV obsoleto, ventas stagnadas y "pipeline" esteril...

"Glaxo, of Brentford, England, is one of the biggest sellers of HIV drugs, but its products are relatively old and not growing as much as the company would like. Glaxo also has relatively few new drugs in development for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS."

2) Otra compañía, Pfizer (USA), con varios productos en desarrollo y pocos en el mercado, reducida fuerza de ventas y necesitada de asociarse en busca de sinergias que permitan...

"New York-based Pfizer has several HIV drugs in development but few on the market, and has a smaller sales force than Glaxo's. The companies hope that by pooling resources, they can cut costs and create a broader business with better potential for long-term growth."

3) Dos "newcomers":

"Mr. Witty took over as CEO (Glaxo) last year(2008). Jeffrey Kindler became CEO of Pfizer in 2006."

4) Uno de ellos, Mr Witty (Glaxo)...con ideas:

"I think you see an industry facing the reality of the challenges that exist," Glaxo Chief Executive Andrew Witty said during a conference call. "You also see to some degree a new generation of management prepared to come forward with new solutions."

5) y con ganas de "romper paradigmas..."

"Examples of cooperation among drug giants are unusual -- Pfizer and Glaxo are the world's top two drug companies by sales, respectively -- since big pharmaceutical companies compete to sell products, attract top talent and bring the best new drugs to market."

6) y abrir paso a nuevas "oportunidades"

"The venture also will allow the companies to combine some products into new combination pills, which are widely used in HIV treatment."

A nosotros, solo nos queda...el beneficio de la duda...

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