martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

Pharma tiene dos "Reyes de la jungla": Levinson (Genentech) y White (Abbott)

Un grupo de editores de Barron´s , después de conversar con inversores, analistas, ejecutivos y otros elaboró la lista de los 30 ejecutivos más destacados.

En ella aparecen dos de la industria farmacéutica:Art Levinson de Genetech y Miles White de Abbott.

Los dos han sido noticia en PHARMACOSERÍAS, Art Levinson por la "Historia interminable" de las negociaciones con Roche, Miles White por su "escandaloso" paquete salarial...en estos tiempos de "crisis"
Estos son los comentarios de la revista y los perfiles profesionales:

"The final list is made up of chief executive officers from around the world who are doing outstanding jobs of keeping their companies out of trouble and on course. That means conservative financial management, a strong focus on the customer and relentless innovation.

The roster includes no fewer than 12 new names. Jeff Bezos of, for instance, has transformed his company from an online bookseller to one of the world's top retailers, with a true hot product in its Kindle wireless e-book reader. Under Jim Skinner, McDonald's started growing again as the company capitalized on healthier foods like salads, while not ignoring its core customers who crave Big Macs. In financial services, few leaders stand taller than JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon, who has avoided major mishaps and become the go-to guy for regulators looking to unload crippled companies like Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual."

Art Levinson
Genentech, CEO since ’95
Why: Labs of lucre.
After 13 years as chief of the
biotechnology trailblazer,
Art Levinson extracted a multiple
of 25 times earnings from Roche
as the Swiss giant agreed this
month to pay $95 a share for the
44% of Genentech it doesn’t already

That is double the biotech industry

multiple and a tribute to
the research productivity that
Levinson famously cultivated. Genentech
got more biotech treatments
approved than any rival
and has more than 100 clinical trials
under way. Profit has grown
at a 40% rate in the past five
years, on rising sales of cancer
treatments like Rituxan, Herceptin
and Avastin. Levinson’s company is one of the country’s biggest
sellers of cancer drugs, in part thanks to the high prices
it commands for its innovations.
Neither Roche nor Genentech has announced Levinson’s
role in Genentech after it becomes a wholly owned part of
Roche, but the Swiss company said it hoped to retain him
and other Genentech leaders. Roche will adopt the Genentech
name for all U.S. operations. —BillAlpert

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