jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

DELOITTE: El futuro de la industria en un escenario de riesgo...

For the last decade, life sciences companies have faced many challenges:

  • expiry of patents,
  • price competition from generic,
  • a rising cost base,
  • low productivity in R&D,
  • ongoing talent shortages,and
  • challenges to their corp. reputations,

to name a few.

In such a daunting environment, it is clear that companies may need to transform in order to remain high-value-added innovators—and avoid becoming lower-margin suppliers.

How they plan to do this is the focus of a new report on the future of the life sciences industries by Deloitte's Global Life Sciences and Health Care Industry Group, in collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The report identifies several areas where companies will need to transform, including:

  • talent management,
  • regulatory affairs,
  • R&D, and
  • sales/marketing/pricing.

Some key findings from the report include:

El tamaño del mercado es, junto con el precio, lo factores más atractivos

Cercanía al "cliente" (paciente, médico...)

La gestión del "talento" y del portafolio de prodcutos

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