domingo, 11 de enero de 2009

PHARMALOT cierra...

PHARMALOT, el Blog de Ed Silverman cierra. El editor ha tomado la decision de tomar otros derroteros (editor at the Elsevier Business Intelligence unit) incompatibles con esa actividad. (Mas...)

John Mack lo lamenta en PHARMA MARKETING BLOG. (Ver)

Alguno de los comentarios de Ed en su "post" de despedida:

"For two glorious years, I have had the privilege and good fortune to run this site. Now, though, the time has come to walk away. This was a difficult decision, but one that is rooted in the turmoil engulfing the newspaper business. Let me explain


"Meanwhile, as you know, the newspaper business has been declining rapidly and, last summer, the Ledger offered generous buyouts, sufficiently generous that I was tempted to consider the package. And for various personal reasons, that is what I have chosen to do. Yes, there were discussions to continue with Pharmalot – the Ledger, particularly Willse, recognizes the potential for the site and I thoroughly enjoy the work. The long hours and intense routine may be grueling, but Pharmalot has been an extremely challenging and satisfying preoccupation. In the end, though, we were unable to find a path forward.
"And so, I am now moving on."


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