miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2008

Novartis’ Vasella: Me voy pero no me voy...

En su momento comentamos...

Ahora Ed Silverman insiste en Pharmalot:

"Coy as ever, Dan Vasella plays down speculation that he is inching closer to moving on. Asked yet again, about his recent decision to appoint former vaccines head Joerg Reinhardt a new chief operating officer, the Novartis ceo says that, after 12 years on the job, he still gets a thrill."

“I don’t know if baby is the right word, but there is an emotional connection and a deep desire that (Novartis) succeeds and that it’s going well and that people are happy, at least most of the time,”
he tells Reuters. “I see many reasons to go but I see even more reasons to continue.”

Y en el más puro estilo Mario Moreno (Cantinflas) añade:

“The obvious is sometimes not what happens. I believe that some people probably believe that, others probably don’t believe it. I explicitly said that it would be, in my view, a shortcoming if there was just one potential successor. It would be naive to think that every day is just fantastic to go to work and I wouldn’t know what else to do. That is not the case. But I also have to say it is a very rewarding job.”

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