miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Ramesh Juneja: De Visitador Médico a dirigir una empresa con 5.500 representantes en India.

From an obscure company just a decade ago, Mankind Pharma has come a long way. It required a wonder drug and several new low-cost remedies for the ultimate push that Ramesh Juneja, founder and managing director thinks will help Mankind become the country’s top drug maker by 2015.

Started in 1995, the Delhi-based company has grown by selling medicines at prices, which are a fraction of what the brand leaders sell their products for and by betting on the unexplored hinterland. The maker of the world’s cheapest Viagra clone Manforce and emergency contraceptive pill Unwanted 72 is today the ninth biggest company in the country’s Rs 40,000-crore drug retail market as per market research firm ORG IMS. There are over 20,000 drug makers in India, making it one of the world’s most competitive markets.


Now a well-known strategy, the 54-year old who began his career selling Lupin’s medicines as a medical representative and later as area sales manager in Meerut grew by adopting what Mr Kaul describes as a ‘flanking strategy’, the opposite of what pharma companies in India did for decades.


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master direccion de empresas dijo...

hay que tener conocimientos en dirección empresarial para instalar un negocio propio. El dirigir una empresa no es una cuetión sencilla y requiere de una basta capacitación que funcione de ayuda para alcanzar el exito deseado.