martes, 26 de abril de 2011

CUBISMO, hace 100 años...hoy GUERNICA en 3D

"No, la pintura no está hecha para decorar las habitaciones. Es un instrumento de guerra ofensivo y defensivo contra el enemigo."

(Pablo Picasso)

Un 26 de abril de 1937...bombardearon Guernica.

La fotografo Lena Gieseke ha realizado esta visión particular de la obra de Picasso en tres dimensiones.

By 1910, Picasso and Braque had developed Cubism into an entirely new means of pictorial expression. In the initial stage, known as Analytical Cubism, objects were deconstructed into their components. In some cases, this was a means to depict different viewpoints simultaneously; in other works, it was used more as a method of visually laying out the FACTS of the object, rather than providing a limited mimetic representation. The aim of Analytical Cubism was to produce a conceptual image of an object, as opposed to a perceptual one.

At its height, Analytical Cubism reached levels of expression that threatened to pass beyond the comprehension of the viewer. Staring into the abyss of abstraction, Picasso blinked...and began to start putting the pieces of the object back together.

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