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Y pensar que 20 años es...mucho lo que la industria farmacéutica ha delinquido. (II)

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Top 20 Largest Pharmaceutical Company Settlements, 1991-2010


Over the past two decades, especially during the past 10 years, there has been a marked increase in both the number of government settlements with pharmaceutical companies and the size of the accompanying financial penalties. The reasons for these increases are likely related to a combination of increased violations by companies and increased enforcement on the part of federal and state governments.

The danger to public safety and the loss of state and federal dollars that comes with these violations require a more robust response than the government’s current practices. Given the relatively small size of current financial penalties when compared to the perpetrating companies’ profits, both increased financial penalties and appropriate criminal prosecution of company leadership may provide a more effective deterrent to unlawful behavior by the pharmaceutical industry.

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Y pensar que 20 años es...mucho lo que la industria ha delinquido. (I)

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