sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011

Así fué 2011...

Pharma's biggest news stories in 2011

2011 proved to be another busy 12 months for the pharmaceutical industry and as the seasons unfolded a few key themes emerged.

Chief among these were

  • the austerity-driven reforms and cost-cutting measures across the European market - not to mention the reforms and cost-cutting taking place across pharma.

  • This was closely followed by a raft of mid-sized and smaller-scale mergers and acquisitions - though the industry has yet to see another 'mega-merger' of two top ten companies, though speculation about the next to join forces surfaces from time to time.

  • The impact of emerging markets on pharma's business model also continued to gather momentum during 2011,

  • and of course another area gaining speed were industry moves - now more leaps than steps - off the edge of the 'patent cliff'.


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