miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

Orphan drugs are going "gangbusters..."? *

Small patient populations represent a huge market opportunity. Orphan drugs are one of the pharma industry's hottest growth markets, and new figures from Thomson Reuters underscores that the blistering rise in revenue will drive the development of the next generation of experimental products.

Over the past decade, the growth rate for orphan drug revenue has been 25.8%, significantly steeper than the 20.1% pace set by a control group of non-orphan therapies. And researchers for Thomson Reuters project that the orphans--a market now worth more than $50 billion--can continue to outpace the rest of the field, protected by special terms on exclusivity, strong subsidies for new research, shorter and less expensive timelines for development and waived regulatory fees.

Oncology represents the biggest disease category for new orphan drugs. About 40% of today's orphans are used to treat cancer, a reflection of the growing understanding of the way that genetic aberrations can be used to identify specific, small patient populations.

Top 10 orphan drugs en el mercado

Descarga reporte de Thomson Reuters

(*) gangbusters: Extremely successful, With great impact, vigor.../by Farlex
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