miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

Citario/El dijo que...: Salud es... (Richard Smith)

"So I’m not happy with health being defined as the absence of disease. Nor am I keen on the World Health Organisation’s definition of “Complete physical, psychological, and social wellbeing,”a state reached only at the moment of mutual orgasm, joked Peter Skrabanek. It’s a ludicrous definition that would leave most of us unhealthy most of the time.

My favourite definition of the moment is Sigmund Freud’s definition, which was never written down by him, of “the capacity to love and work.” You might be hours from death and still healthy because you can love and work. Freud selected love and work because these are the things that he regarded as most precious—and many, including me, would agree with him." (Ver)

Richard Smith/BMJ Group Blogs

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