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Rumores...Novartis / Roche

From time to time, there has been speculation regarding a merger between Novartis and Roche. In 2003, Novartis announced that it had accumulated enough stock in Roche to control 32.7% of the company's voting rights; however, members of Roche's founding family spoke strongly against any merger, while Novartis' CEO stated that the company was not looking to launch a hostile takeover (10). Since then, rumours have periodically resurfaced, but Novartis has not made any overt move for Roche. In March 2011, one of the members of Roche's founding family left the Roche family voting group, reducing its stake in the company from 50.01% to 45.01%. Some analysts have predicted that, in the long term, a merger with Novartis would be attractive based on the companies' shared interest in oncology. However, Roche has issued a number of media statements to dismiss this possibility and claimed that the suitability of such a merger is even less logical than it was in 2003 (11). Roche's spokesman argued that while Roche has focused on personalised medicine and diagnostics, Novartis has diverged into generic drugs and eye care.

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