miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

BRIC´s: Todo lo que quisieras saber y...ya no necesitarás preguntar.

“Together, the four BRICs may account
for 41% of the world's market capitalization by 2030.”

Jim O’Neill. Chairman, Goldman Sachs

This review concentrates on the rapidly developing regions in Brazil, Russia, India and China. Utilizing the decades of collective experience and knowledge from industry experts local to each region, we demonstrate the strategic value of our research and resources to companies entering these geographical markets. At eyeforpharma we also utilize strategic economic indicators to guide our interpretation of market directionality.

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"In early 2011, [Jim O’Neill, Chairman at Goldman Sachs] decided that the term ‘emerging markets’ could no longer be applied to the BRIC s…These are now countries with largely sound government debt and deficit positions, robust trading networks and huge numbers of people all moving steadily up the economic ladder. For investors to understand the scale of the opportunity here, and for policymakers to grasp what is changing in the world, they must see these countries apart from the traditional ‘emerging markets’. [He] decided that a more accurate term would be Growth Markets."

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