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TheScientist: Best Places to Work Industry, 2011

Best Places to Work Industry, 2011

By forging new relationships and finding novel uses for existing technologies, this year’s top companies are employing creative ways to advance their science.
By Hannah Waters | May 1, 2011

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Like the reeds of an old Aesop fable, the companies that topped our 2011 Best Places to Work in Industry survey are bending—but not breaking—under the strain of continued economic adversity. With funding agencies still awarding grants only to the cream of the crop and 2009 stimulus funds expected to run dry as soon as next year, companies are working hard to find new funding sources that will allow them to survive despite the still-depressed economy.

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Amgen #17, Novartis #18

Bayer #27, Abbot #28, Pfizer #29, Genzyme #30
Glaxo #31, Boehringer #34, AstraZeneca #36, Merck KGaA #38,
Merck #39, BMS #40

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