miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

El imperio contra...: Generic´s new legal attack

FORTUNE -- Big Pharma faces a host of well-known problems, most notably that its blockbuster drugs are coming off patent at the same time that its pipeline of new drugs has turned into a drip. But the leading pharmaceutical companies like Novartis, Merck and Bayer are also battling another costly headache -- legal challenges to their existing patents are increasing with the rapidity of a centrifuge.
New data from The Paragraph Four Report that the number of lawsuits disputing patents of branded pharmaceuticals increased to more than 230 last year, compared with only 81 in 2005. The challengers, mostly generic manufacturers, are also broadening their attack. While blockbuster drugs with billions in annual sales still make lucrative targets, the generics are now rolling the dice by challenging decades-old patents that have long limped past their golden years.

Slide: F.Comas/Curso Postgrado Mercadeo Farmacéutico/
Facultad de Farmacia/Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)

Practica ésta de la litigación ya denunciada en "La investigación de la Comisión europea al sector farmacéutico" (Noviembre 2009)


Comisión Europea y Sector farmacéutico (III): Malas prácticas...

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