jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

TEVA: Camino dificil para nuevo CEO

The early reaction to Teva’s CEO shufflehas been positive. Shares in the Israeli pharmaceutical company were up more than 5 percent this morning, and Wall Street analysts praised the skills of incoming CEO Jeremy Levin, whose deal-making has helped revive Bristol-Myers Squibb.
When Levin succeeds Shlomo Yanai in May, he is going to need those skills, and then some.
Teva is a company in transition. Once a plucky upstart, it’s now an industry behemoth, among the world’s largest drug makers with a market capitalization exceeding $35 billion. And the tables have turned, as firms in India grab share playing Teva’s game – selling low-priced generic drugs. (Más)


Shlomo te vas de TEVA...?

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