domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Jackson Pollock "cumple" 100 años...

JPollock - Moby dick 1943

La fotografía de Jackson Pollock sirve a John Mack para "sustentar" el comentario a una cita extraida del ensayo Andrew Witty (ahora Sir...) en The Economist ("Research and develop"):

"Art, not just science" is the heading, under which Witty says: "First, we need to recapture the ability to empower creative talent in the discovery phase of r&d by creating an environment in the labs that reflects the fact that discovering a drug is as much an art as it is a process."

Maybe Witty envisions "Jackson Pollock" wannabe lab researchers throwing chemicals against a wall & seeing what sticks?

Al fin y al cabo son muchos los que se "inspiran" en él....

Ocasión para traerlo ahora que Pollock "cumple 100 años"

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