jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

DELOITTE: 2011 Survey of Health Care Consumers

There are no easy answers to these questions; however, this study offers insights to guide development of possible solutions. Consumers participating in this survey have shared their thoughts and feelings; they have told us that high-quality, readily accessible, and understandable health care is incredibly important to them. We agree. This ongoing study by Deloitte is a major milestone in capturing what consumers want from their respective health care systems and provides valuable guidance to stakeholders planning the industry’s future.

This study’s findings suggest five major conclusions about how surveyed consumers in the 12
countries assess and utilize their health care systems:

1. Most consumers draw from personal experience with their system when evaluating its performance.
Factual (objective) comparisons to other systems are not pertinent to consumers.

2. Satisfaction levels with a country’s health care system are not related to its structure or costs.
Expectations matter most.

3. Most consumers believe there are opportunities for their health care system to improve in the areas of cost effectiveness, efficiency, and clinical effectiveness. Technology-enabled solutions are widely thought to be part of the solution. Most consumers see major gaps in value when assessing the performance of their health care system.

4. Consumers do not believe they are in control of health care costs and are insecure about that.

5. Consumer willingness to engage in managing their health care is evolving. Consumers support the idea but have yet to fully incorporate this as routine practice.

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